Keep the Candle Burning

Geschrieben von Aliyah

Struggling to keep it there
the candle must burn
as long as it can
others surround me
and the candle
trying to blow it out,
end its life
I am frantic,
to keep the candle burning

The candle flickers
I jump foward, and shelter
the candle
the flame grows strong again
my hope has returned
but the candle can still
go out
there is only one way
to ensure
that it doesn’t go out
but that way
means sacrifices
all are entitled
but few accept
its glory
and life
but this is the only way
to keep the candle burning

My candle flickers again
I am tired and weak
I cannot protect my candle
I think of the way
to save the light
I say the words
my candle gets strong
once more
forever will it stay strong
I have done what I had to do
to keep the candle burning.

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