Geschrieben von Diana


Hello, I'm Diana from Iran. I have written a story. Of course, it cannot be called a story. More like a short text. I hope it is acceptable.

I did not hear his last words. Before he closed his eyes forever. I just looked at him. No tears ... no sighs ... Is it true that they can look, talk, cry and sigh by looking?
As I walked away, I was afraid of the thought that he would walk behind me every day and come with me step by step. Isn't it scary to know that an arrogant spirit comes behind you every day and does not give up on you? It gets scarier when he tries to kill you with the same dagger he was killed with.
What was the use of killing him? He will be born again. And I will kill him again.
I wish someone else would knock him down next time. Why me? Why do I have to kill him every time and then break and destroy him like a mirror whose secret has been revealed?
I wish I would not be resurrected the next time I die ...

Books have no end. When someone reads them, their story is told from the beginning, continues and ends. Characters are born, suffer, live and die. When someone else opens the book and starts reading, the characters are reborn, live, and die again. Everything repeats itself. The life of the characters in a book is like a circle. A circle that has a small and interesting point on the line that is drawn around it and turns it into a circle. Their life starts from that point, spins and reaches the same point again. It starts again from there and .....
None of them can make a difference in their lives. They are doomed to die. They die many times, they die and they die. They are our toys.
But you are not the character of a story. You can change your life. But you are born only once and you die only once. So be careful in your choices ....

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