Words that mean it

Geschrieben von Grace


I've recently written a collection of poems and I would like it if you would post them on the website. They come in a sort of. . . Book, so you can keep them together. The 'collection' is called: Words that mean it.


Why can’t I not be useless?

Why can't I be bothered?

Why can't I be a rebel?

Why can’t I be a friend?

Why can’t I act normal?

Why can’t I just be who I feel like. The person who wants to take the knife out of the drawer. . .

End it.


One sorry.

Two sorrys.

One sorry more.

If sorry was a word.

I’d say it again.

Once more.



There, gone

Left again

The people you prayed

That would never go

But are then gone.

‘Friends’ is not a word

Then again, it’s not a thing

It’s non - existent

To nobody but the people

Who lost it more than once.


They beg and I say no.

No .

Makes you forget.


I said it. I mean it.


That doesn’t mean I want it.


No, just no.

Just one haiku

This is a haiku

Just to add more effect

I don’t know, not now.

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