A Goodbye

Written by Minna

Memories of brighter times
come back with birdies songs
and everything seems to be right
right there where it belongs

only one thing seems out of place
far away from home
that one thing seems to be my heart
empty archways in a dome

memories of happy songs
come back with flowers bloom
although my heart seems very cold
a giant empty room

memories of loving words
come back with snow's goodbye
but they are gone and they are said
leave me alone to cry

memories of you, my love
live always in my head
of you dancing under silver stars
of all the things you said

freckles like stars and eyes like gems
and a heart of gold
for no price ever, none on earth
could your soul someday be sold

memories of our adventures
swords and fights and beasts
come back to me as water does
from rivers to the seas

memories of epic battles
with blood and death and loss
memories of old headstones
covered in evergrowing moss

memories of ancient friends
and memories of my foes
are slipping slowly from my mind
though I try to hold them close

memories of you they clear
the heavy rising mist
I remember it as if it was yesterday
the first time that we kissed

But memories of everything
seem to fade away
I can’t seem to hold on to them
while body and mind decay

so I wither away my lonely death
in bittersweet remembrance
of only you, my brightest star
the image of how you dance

I sing my goodbye from where I lay,
On rose petals and grass,
and now’s the time, where you would say,
“All the things shall pass.”

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Diana – 9 January 2021

Minna: I love your poems!!

Llilyana – 9 January 2021

AMAZING!!! You are such a great poet! If these words were food, they would taste of all the best thing, yet have an indescribable taste of sorrow and love.

The Curious Bookworm – 5 January 2021

That is a lovely poem. All the words just roll down your tongue.

BookHugger – 5 January 2021

Wow. Just wow. Minna, you are an amazing poet and don’t ever forget how talented you are!

Nuria Goldston – 4 January 2021