Blank Pages

Written by Isobel C.

Staring at a page as white as a sheet,
As white as the ghost who enthralled them
and reeled them in too deep.
What is the fate that we shall all meet?
If all pages in books stay pure white, I surely shall weep.

With my ink and quill a quest I shall fulfil,
To fill all poems with dark or light,
Is a quest that will surely lead deep, deep into the night.
There will be many a fright, on this darkened eve.

I will make my mark on this world filled with dark,
I will ignite a spark,
A flower of fire will grow to my desire,
And words that have been conjured as if by magicians
shall be used once more.

Strolling players play little music;
but its fading beauty is still breathing.
Breathe in the sound that their instruments make,
You must take in as many ideas as you can.
Fill many blank pages with words, as many as possible.

Dream dark dreams with little light,
Focus on the mirror images,
The shadows on the walls,
Light may eat away dark in the end.

This cycle returns and starts with blank pages,
You must then push them to their limit,
Break them but reform them you must,
And trying will then form unity amongst light and dark.

Causing havoc is only necessary when preventing destruction,
Destroying cities full of the helpless and poor is unsatisfying to the soul.
Do what is right; for dark and for light.
Two nations will connect and cause a commotion worth having.


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Arya – 27 March 2021

This was beautiful. Keep writing and soon become a great poet/author one day!

Reihaneh – 30 May 2020

Wow, that was soo amazing

BookHugger – 24 March 2020

Wow! That was just amazing! It reminds me of one of my favorite poems, "I Opened a Book" by Julia Donaldson. It perfectly embodies the journey that writing takes you on! That was beautiful; thank you so much!

purple slug – 4 January 2019

I love that!

Biggest Fan of Inkheart series ever!!! – 23 April 2017


Meghan Newton – 14 January 2017

Isobel- That is probably the best poem i have ever read! You have such a great talent!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Kitty Leung – 21 March 2016


Alison – 20 November 2015


Silver Quill – 26 October 2015

I must say that poem is quite outanding, the pen, paper and your mind make a good trio. Maybe someday you will be an amazing author like Cornelia.

Isobel C. – 14 February 2015

Ella Rose, How extraordinary! Thanks for reading. -Isobel

Isobel C. – 14 February 2015

Dear Bethan, Aw, thanks! -Isobel

Isobel C. – 14 February 2015

Oh Franka, Thank you! Where have you been chat-wise lately? -Isobel

LittleNim – 4 January 2015

Isobel C. this is an amazing poem, seriously. It really touched my heart. I agree with every word. it!!!

Ella Rose – 10 December 2014

Dear Isobell, thats exactly how I feel when I wright

Frankafran. – 19 October 2014

interesting... oh well.

Isobel C. – 23 June 2014

Miss. M, Thanks! -Isobel

Isobel C. – 23 June 2014

Dear Baasma, I appreciate your compliments greatly. -Isobel

Miss.M – 17 May 2014


Artemesia – 22 December 2013

Hi Isobel! It was so nice chatting with you! I read this, I love it! I can see the Inkworld inspiration, but your own words as well. I loved it!! It sounded so good when I read it aloud!

Isobel C. – 6 December 2013

Dear Crystal Gomes, sorry for taking so long to respond to your lovely comment, but thank you! -Isobel C.

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