Mourning Death

Written by Isobel C.

“She looks pretty dead to me.” An unknown voice said. “Perhaps…” another one replied whilst running what seemed to be two of his long fingers over my cold face.
“Sir, I must leave if you do not require my services.”
The first voice spoke again. “Well you shall stay" snapped the second voice, in a harsh whisper.

“Sir, I do not think you understand - ”

“Oh I understand very well” the second voice coughed.

“Sir, I am going to retire for the night, now if you need me tomorrow I can - ”

“There will be no need of you tomorrow.”
The second voice said coldly.

“But Sir I - ”

“I only have one use for you, hand me your shovel kind Sir.”
The second voice smirked spitefully.

“I am afraid that I cannot do that - ”

“Do it. Do it now or I shall not reward you and your family shall starve.” The second voice said frankly.

“Sir, you must not ask me to do such a thing for then I will have no work.” The first voice said.

“Will this be enough then? To feed your horrid little family and keep you alive until you find more work elsewhere?” the second voice uttered as he fished some gold coins out of his pocket and threw them carelessly at the other man.

“I don’t know what to say, Sir.” The first voice stuttered.

“I know what you shall say you deceitful man, thank ones kind self for one’s generous donation and leave!” the second voice screeched as he quickly stood up and pointed a rigid finger to the door.

“In what w-w-way have I deceived one’s self Sir?” the first voice whimpered as he backed against the cold stone wall, knocking over a bucket in his hurry.

“In such complicated ways that your small mind cannot comprehend!” the second voice cackled. “Now this is your last chance, leave and speak no word of this to anyone. Anyone at all! I am only the poor old man with the crooked spine that rings the bells of the church in the early hours of the morning and I am nothing else.” He finished menacingly.

“I-I-I-I ap-p-pologise kind Sir…” the first voice said as he tried to escape through the broken wooden door but looked down to see that his feet were melted in some sort of wax.

“Time’s up my friend. Such a shame, your family could’ve lived like the middle class peasants instead of the beggars this year.
I will be sure to tell them about your…” the second voice said as he paused for a moment of thought. “ - your unfortunate accident with a rusty bucket which happened to be filled with a three - month old poison that had been brewing for just that little bit too long.” He said as he grinned evilly.

“W-w-w-what have you done?” the first voice had just enough time to cry out before a wave of insanity corroded his system as he screamed the most ear-piercingly painful shriek that ever was heard. “One less idiot to murder” the second voice said calmly as he walked out of the room.


To be continued...

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Reihaneh – 31 May 2020


Meghan N. – 15 January 2017

Isobel- I cannot stop commenting on your absolutely great amazing stories! You go girl! You rock!

BallerinaRose – 9 June 2015

Really nice story! Are you going to write more soon?

Isobel C. – 14 February 2015

Anisa Dewan, well that was an awesome comment! Happy Valentines Day, you cool one you. -Isobel

Anisa Dewan – 29 March 2014

Miss Isobel,You can be a great author. Please write more stories like this stunning one...B)

Isobel C. – 6 October 2013

Dear Kara, Ha ha, I will try. Am currently in the middle of three different short stories and a novel writing process so it may take a while...