McMonkey's Shoes

Written by CC

McMonkey screamed. He was COLD!! FREEZING!! His room was like ice all around him, and he was the boss of all the monkeys who were in charge of causing trouble for the humans. Vulture, who he rode like a horse sometimes, said,
“What's wrong, dear Boss? Hungry?”
Monkey shook his head.
“COLD!! Especially my paws are cold!!”
“Boss!” Vulture cried, ”I must go, and find something for you to wear on your paws. What about shoes?”
“Oh, yes please!! Bye, Vulture!!”
As Monkey waved, he thought, They get shoes!! They were the humans, who the monkeys were always jealous of.

“What in the name of horses!!?” McMonkey heard someone call from the other room, and when he came in to see what was wrong, he saw his friend, Horse, who also caused trouble for the humans, with two hooves strapped closely together! A lasso was dragging him back, and soon, a lasso was seen flying in the air at Monkey!! No, it wasn't a lasso... it was Vulture!!

“Don't land!!” cried Monkey, but it was too late. Vulture and some gifts he was carrying fell down, and at the same time, Horse's lasso retreated, and the humans let him go from outside the room. They had given up on trying to get the trouble causing animals. The animals looked in greedy ways at the gifts.
“These are for someone in the room. Someone with hooves or paws, either one, and a tail. At the party tonight, you will find out.” Vulture announced.
“I'm sure it's me!” McMonkey yelled. Horse said he didn't care who it was for.

At the party that night, there were lots of animals who loved to cause trouble. When it came time for the gifts, it became silent, and Vulture sailed up to the front of the room, with the gifts.
“Hooves or paws...” McMonkey hissed at Horse, but Horse said,
“Be quiet!!”
He then bit him, and Monkey said not to bite the boss. Vulture said,
“Order, everyone,”
Everything was silent.

“Stand if you have paws,” Vulture called, and a high number of animals stood.
“Stand if you have hooves,” A few more stood, but Horse stood on two hooves instead of four.
“Stand if you are brown or purple!” And some sat.
“Stand if you were there when they put lassos around you this morning!” Only Monkey and Horse stood. They were the only ones that had been there when that had happened!!

“IT'S ME!!!!” Cried both McMonkey and Horse.
“Monkey AND Horse,” Vulture said, ”You will try to earn these gifts. No, you won't share, one of you will get both of them, but there will be a competition. First, a race.”
Monkey won it.
But, with the game about how many paws or hooves you could balance in a bowl, Horse won.
And then, Vulture ran out of games.
“Fine,” he said,”Horse, this one's yours. McMonley, the bigger one's for you.”

Monkey stared at his box, and couldn't undo the bow, so Vulture helped him. He pulled the string on the gift, and waited, but Monkey still stared at his box, and said,
“A box? That's all? Oh.”
“Open it!!” Vulture cried, and he did. What did he find?
Tissue paper.
Monkey tore off the paper. What did he find?
A smaller box. Oh my.
McMonkey angrily opened it, and what did he find?
More tissue paper.
He tore that off, and what did he find?
An even smaller box.
McMonkey opened that up, and what did he find?
Something wrapped in wrapping paper.
McMonkey couldn't undo the wrapping paper.
“OH NO!!!” Monkey threw a tantrum, until finally, Vulture helped him,... again.
Inside the paper, what did he find?
A tag.
Monkey tore the tag off of... A BRAND NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!!!!!!”
As Monkey tried to put them on, what did he find?
Something cardboard in the shoes that wouldn't let him try on his new shoes. Finally, Vulture flew to him, and took over, and with his snapping beak, he BIT MCMONKEY!!!!!! Then, he yanked out the cardboard, and threw it across the room. Now, McMonkey was VERY EXCITED!! He now had a brand new pair of shoes, that kept his feet warm, all his to keep.
Horse untied his bow, and looked into the box. What did he find?
Horse found some old socks that he could barely put on over his big hooves!


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Oola – 14 July 2020

Awesome! So sweet!

Reihaneh – 31 May 2020

Nice story

Nikki Encina – 10 June 2016

Great story, I love, like some others, how you used animals instead of people. I do feel kind of sorry for Horse though... But this was quite well written Best and warmest wishes, Nikki Encina

Hannah Begley – 22 May 2014

It has a good plot, but I saw a few grammatical errors. Why was McMonkey not upset that Vulture bit him?

Lollypop – 14 January 2014

Sweet story! Very comfortable to read. You did it great, CC. Waiting for more! Lollypop