The girl and the bird

Escrito por Sophia

Ava sat on the bench, eating her sandwich while reading a book about birds. Her friends always tell her she was a 'bird girl'. Sometimes Ava wished she was a bird girl free, being able to fly away from all of worries. Her best friend was moving to Japan, and all of her other 'friends' were starting a very exclusive 'club' called "The Secret Songs."
Since Ava couldn't sing she was always left out.  Ava felt a tear trickle down her face.


Ava looked up and saw her best friend, Luna.

"Oh, hey Luna."

Luna sat down next to her looking over Ava's soldier. Luna had blonde hair that almost seemed white, her eyes were a pale blue, and she had pale skin. Ava could not help but feel a little jealous of her friend. 

"I wanted to say goodbye..." Luna said after a few moments of silence.

"Your going Today!?"

'Stupid tears.' thought Ava as she felt the hot tears roll of her cheeks. "You weren't supposed to go till next month!" 

Ava wished she could fly away, like a bird...

"I'm so sorry Ava..." Luna said guiltily looking at her shoes. "Bye."

Luna gave Ava a hug and ran to a car across the street.

"Wright to me!" Luna called driving off. "No, don't leave... Please!"

But it was too late. Luna was already driving off to the airport. Ava felt more tears running down her cheeks. "Why..." Ava said sadly, ''why...'' Ava found herself at the beach, a place she always goes  to when she is sad. Ava didn't even realize she ran. After about 10 minutes of crying (and about 2 glances from strangers.) Ava thought it was a good time to go home, besides her parents might be worried she was just about to leave when she heard a small little peep. Ava turned around and saw a small bird, that looked as pale as the moon and had a few black stripes on his head. Ava cupped her hands around the bird, it seemed to have a broken wing. Ava decided to take it home and heal it, her mother was a vet anyway.

Later that day after her mom put a little cast and gave the bird some food, Ava was told she was aloud to take the bird out.

''Which bird are you?" Ava said looking at the bird more closely.

Ava gasped. "Oh my, a moon bird!"

Ava herd of the legends the moon bird was once a fierce  dragon known as the moon slayer until a wizard turned it into a bird. Doomed to be small for the rest of there lives.

After 8 months (and a lot of worms)  Ava was finally allowed to let the bird be free.

"Goodbye moon bird." Ava said. The bird chirped and flew.

30 years later Ava (who is now 41) was in a terrible car accident. Yet the car accident was far away from the city and no one knew of what happened to Ava on that night. Ava cried for help, her leg hurt terribly and she thought her arm was broken until she herd the faintest little chirp.

"Moon bird?"

As Ava said these words a colony on small birds flew down, picked up Ava and flew away.

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