The Maid

Escrito por Sophia

It was a cold morning, my light bed didn't help or my super thin blanket.
"Amalia!" shouted a woman's voice "Wake up!"
I bit my lower lip.
I gulped and jumped out of my bed my cold feet hit the colder floor.
"Coming!" I called.

I ran out of my boring so called room and ran down stairs, where Mrs. White waited. "Amalia, it is 5:00 o clock! Do yo want to be back on the streets, you worthless servant girl!?" I shook my head. ''No ma'am'' I said biting my lower lip.
"The king's son wants his breakfast and someone to play with!" She hollered. "Mess up again and you're going into the dungeon!"
I gulped. "Yes ma'am."
Mrs.White pinned up her hair, then said "Just because you are 11 doesn't mean that you can treat the king's son like a baby either! He's only one day younger then you!"
I nodded then ran out of the room, past the kitchen, past the guards, and of course past the library. I walked into a large room filled with gold and toys and a extremely large bed with very  fluffy blankets and in the middle of it all sat a 12 year old boy (even if Mrs. White claims that he is 11). He looked bored with a toy tin man in his hand.
"Hey Amalia." He said bored. ''Just do my laundry and get me some food."
I nodded obediently cleaning his laundry until he said  "Did you know I'm getting married to princess Ava?"
I stopped washing his clothing. I knew I had to say "No, I didn't", but I was sick and tired of all the other maids my age gossiping about it.
"Yeah I know" I said calmly.
He sighed "Then you must know of the transition."
I shook my head. "No." I didn't know where he was going with this.
"Well, casually the princess comes into this kingdom, but since my dad thinks I am old enough he's giving me a kingdom."
I nodded like I was paying attention, truth was I wasn't.
"Well, my dad is giving me at least 59 maids." He sighed as if he was tired of explaining. 
"So there is that, can you get me some breakfast? I'm hungry."
I nodded and I was just about to leave until he told me "And please, stop it with the bacon." I smiled, for the first time in a while. "But that's the best part!" And left.
I came back with hot steaming breakfast a meal that I would not be able to eat even with a whole life of works pay. When I got in, I saw  the prince also known as Ben, about to climb out the window.
"BEN!" I shrieked running to the window, dropping his food on the floor.
"BEN!" I cried. He looked at me and smiled. Then put his finger  to his lips and jumped out the window.
"BEN!!" I cried for the third time running to the edge  of the window.
"Be-" I looked out, then a hand came shooting up, pulling me by the hair and pulling me out of the window. 
"GRAND MAMA!" Susan cried putting her hands over her ears "STOP! Please!"
Luna smiled. "Well grand-kid, this is what happened to our young king, you must listen." 
Susan shook her head. "Grand ma, I know what happened, Ben and Amalia became ghosts haunting to this day!" Luna smiled
"Or is it the story honey? Some people say they ran off to freedom and Ben never had to marry Princess Ava, no one will ever know."
Luna smiled and said with a gleam in her eye: "Some people say that they changed their names and got married."
Luna's smile widened. "And they had a kid, who had a kid named Susan."
Susan smiled wide. "You mean -"
"Yes, my dear, I'm Amalia and hush! This is our little secret."

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