Two Flowers

Escrito por Amr El-Azizi

Dual buds growing in parallel in the midst of a meadow,

A tantalizing red rose and a smart white tulip.

Together they bloom under the heat of the spring,

Ready for insects to land.


A fly comes by, homing towards the flowers,

Smelling an irresistible scent from afar.

As it draws closer, it loses composure,

And zooms towards the beauty that calls.


Yet when it arrives, it’s in for a surprise,

As the tricky little rose strikes.

Its poisonous scent engulfs the poor fly,

And food was made for the plant.


But another bee flies by, sharper than the poor fly,

Ready to feed on some pollen.

It moves in close, to choose its food source,

Only to find that there are two.


The red one beckons, its scent promising a taste like no other,

Yet the Bee is smarter than it looks.

It drops towards the simpler white tulip,

And lands without any fears of attack.


The white tulip gleefully opens its heart,

Gladly feeding the discerning bee.

The smart bee saw the truth in the flowers,

And found the real kindness in the tulips heart.

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