Anna Guesthouse

Geschrieben von Melissa


I have written this story based on my Barn friends. I have included all my dear Barn friends (Bon45, Christie, Gwin (Jacob), Teresa, Feuerelfe (Judit), Insa and Guesty.) And I really hope that you all like this story! My original name is Sukriti.

The mystery of Anna Guesthouse was not solved yet. And the story about it was terrifying. I really don’t know it was true or just a myth. The Anna Guesthouse was not very far from the town mall but still when someone crosses the way near the mansion, they feel something strange walking behind them.

It was a bright sunny day when our aunt Insa announced, “Today, we are going to Anna Wilson Garden to learn about the different unique flowers and I heard that there lives a small insect who can take us to future. She loves flowers sooo much!

At the evening, Guesty was a bit scared. I was really afraid of going to the Anna Guesthouse. Bon was ready and Christie who was very brave, was feeling excited. Teresa, Insa and Judit were packing our bags and Guesty and Jacob were discussing about the trip.

I wondered how strange the place will be. As soon as we reached the garden, we could see the guesthouse. There were no more people except us. Insa started writing about the flowers and Judit was clicking the photos. It was about seven o’clock when we heard a lady saying, “Hosico, it’s time for gardening.” As soon as we heard the voice, a hosico came from nowhere and started running. I tried to catch that ball of fur. I do love cats! It was so tabby and cute. But I had no choice but to stop it when I again heard the same lady’s voice, “Please don’t run behind it.” Insa asked, “Who’s there?” No one answered. Then we could not hear the lady’s voice for a long time. “I wonder who this is….” Said Judit. “Maybe some ghosts….” Said Bon.

Then we all searched for the rare insect. After it was time for us to go back home, the strange female’s voice said, “Don’t go now. Stay here for a night. The guesthouse is near.” And after this, how long we tried to open the gate, but it will not.

“So….. It means we are staying in this house for this night.” Said Christie. “Yes, because we have no other place without this old building.” Said Bon. “But you see…. How could we live in this peculiar house?” I said terrified. Judit said nicely, “But we have no other alternative.”

I was really scared. Insa opened the door of the guesthouse. It was very clean inside. It was not as bad as I thought. Christie opened her notebook and wrote about the place. I looked at what she was writing. “You may read this” She said. I read it. Her writing was really good. Insa moved to the dining hall. Teresa brought our food. We sat there and ate our dinner. “Now about the beddings. We girls will sleep in the room beside the reception because it is bigger there is more girls than boys. And you two boys, Jacob and Guesty will sleep in the room beside the servants quarter.” Jacob knew that sleeping in this haunted house was not so good. But he could say nothing. After eating, we all went to bed.

As soon as the boys went inside their room, they found a book lying there. I said, “ANNA GUESTHOUSE” They opened the first page. It had something written in it. Guesty started reading it, “The Anna Guesthouse was named after Anna Wilson who used to sit in the reception. She loved gardening. She had a pet hosico cat who used to roam in the room beside the servants quarter.” After reading this this part, they heard the female voice saying, “Hosico, don’t go there. There are guests now.” Her voice was really weird. Then suddenly the same hosico cat appeared. A sound of someone’s shouting came from outside, “AHHHH” “What’s this happening” asked Jacob “I don’t know….” Replied Guesty being a bit scared by the sound. After the blood curdling shout, they tried to sleep.

The same thing was happening in our room too. Not the hosico cat but the lady. She was sometime appearing and disappearing. We could feel that a storm is going out outside. Thunders, lightning and rain. The lady was sitting in the chair and cuddling her cat. She was smiling at us. Then she sprayed something at us which made us all sleep.

At the next morning, everything was well. I woke up to find a big cat sitting on my head. It was Hosico. I looked at it and it jumped on Judit’s hand. A diary appeared from nowhere in Christie’s and Teresa’s bag. Bon has got a toy seal. And surprisingly we got the things we longed to have. Then, Anna came, smiled at us and handed Insa a box. In it was a machine which can take us to future. Insa thanked Anna. They chatted for sometime and became friends. We were not scared of Anna anymore. And we discovered that Anna was really good. After that trip, we used to visit Anna Guesthouse regularly and play with Hosico cat.

“Isn’t the journey amazing?” “YES!!!!!” We all shouted!

                               THE END.

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