Black Feathers: About Us (The Barn Friends Story)

Escrito por Bon45 and Christie


This story is dedicated to our beloved Barn Friends! Dear Melissa, Gwin (we've called you Jacob) Feuerelfe (we've called you Judith), Annelia, Lesemagier and Insa and Michael, we hope you like it! With most love, Bon45 (Alice) and Christie

Let me tell you a secret: We are not normal.

By “we”, I mean, Black Feathers, a magical organisation of a few children, teens and two adults. Any outsider would think we are just a bunch of travellers, but in reality, we aren’t.

Now, now. Here’s something about our group in a little bit more detailed way.

I’ve got a quite a bunch of names like Bon, Dan, Al etc but let me tell you, I’m a selkie.

My cousin is Christie, and she can turn inanimate objects (esp. lanterns) alive.

Her brother Christopher can pause any moment with his camera.

Melissa can control animals and loves them a lot.

Jacob is our fortune-teller and he has got a bunch of imaginary friends to help him.

Judith can control fire.

Annelia can control wind.

Lesemagier has a number of magical books and he wants to be a wizard.

And last but not the least… are our leaders. Insa, the Lady with a Pegasus and Michael, the Lord with a Dragon.

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