The Solar Eclipse

Escrito por Sophia

Chapter 1: The beginning

I have something that not a lot of people know... I can do things that the human mind can't even comprehend. I have powers. Not teleportation or mind control. I have this power, where I can destroy entire planets. I can read minds and... I can see the future. Not very good but I can see the future. 

I started one day after I watched  the Solar Eclipse. It was beautiful. But then I felt this weird feeling inside me like I could control the earth, but I felt like I was the weakest person in the world. I raised my hand and saw these lights zooming round my hand. After that day things got weird. I met a man named Mr. Taiyo. He taught me about my powers and... when I went to school I could  read everyone's minds. I couldn't get them to stop and the noise was too much for me. I ran out.
The next day, Mr.Taiyo taught me how to not read peoples minds. I learned of a prophecy it said
A girl with unlimited power  will one day rule this earth
but a boy will try and stop her
They will fight for days and nights. For one is the king of peace, the other is destruction
one will rule the world while the other one 
will fail.
I know my  place in the prophecy and Mr.Taiyo is training me... But I can't seem to control my powers. I read the future and sometimes read minds. 'It's only a matter of time before I destroy the earth.'

Chapter 2: The prophecy

I looked at my best friend, Karin. Something seemed off. Instated of her coming to my house to help me with my homework, she's always with Mr.Taiyo. He's Japanese. At first I thought she was training karate so she could be a ninja. Bit when I hit her, she only said 'ow' instead of flipping me, or kicking me in the stomach. She's also very quiet and sit alone at lunch. 'Hey,' I said to her one day 'wanna go to the lake after school? I need some help on my homework... I'm falling math again.' I was hoping she would say 'yes' but she only said 'maybe later Brandon'. I was really sad that day... Karin was my only friend.

I decided to go to the lake after school anyways. Then, I met this lady named Miss.Dal. She's Korean. She asked me, if I knew Karin. 'Yeah she's with some person named Mr.Taiyo' I said. Then I felt like lightning hit me... I felt this power surging though me. Then everything went dark.

I finally woke up. (I didn't know I was asleep). And I saw Miss. Dal leaning over a table saying 'I found the last part of the prophecy' into a phone. "Where am I?'' I asked. Miss. Dal only looked at me, then finally said, "Good, you're awake and you received your powers when you got hit by lightning. It's time for you to finish the prophecy.' 'What prophecy!? Where am I!?" Miss. Dal opened a door and I saw Mr.Taiyo standing next to Karina saying "It's time to end the prophecy." There was a scream, a streak of light, and I felt power running through me and when I looked I saw Karina lying on the floor... with a face full of pain. "End her" Miss. Dal hissed into my ear "End her... now!"

Chapter 3: The battle of life and death

'Kill!? Karina!?' I shouted in my mind. 'Why-' Then I remembered Karina. "Karina! I'm so sorry I didn't know what happened! I was-" She got up and wiped blood from her lip then started chanting "Youlingum danemmembum akateia!' She pointed her finger at me, then zap I was in pain. "KARINA STOP! THIS IS'NT YOU!" I screamed. "Oh, really? You don't even KNOW ME!" She pointed at me again, then pain."I thought we were friends!" I cried. ZAP ZAP ZAP. "Ow...." "friends, us? HA! Branden and Karina, friends. Don't make me laugh!" Zap Zap Zap! I screened in pain, I could fell blood and bruises. My face was wet with tears and blood. "Get up!" Miss Dal cried. Suddenly I felt power surging threw me. "CHANTEIUM LEGIMUS JULIEUS!" I didn't even know where that came from, but whatever I did, it worked. She stared at me with cold eyes of disbelief, then froze. "Ahhh... A freezing charm. Good one." Miss Dal said to me. Then I looked at Karina, something was different Her normally blue eyes were purple! Mr. Haiyo grit his teeth "SEOTULEN!" He cried, I'm guessing it was Korean and he put out his hand, then ZAP! It struct Miss Dal. "BAKKA!" She screened, which was probably Japanese, then hit Mr. Haiyo. He screamed and collapsed. I looked at Karin and her eyes were blue! "Where- where am I? Who are you?" She said pointing to me. She doesn't know, I thought to myself. Then I was weak. I fell to the ground the same time Miss Dal did when Mr. Haiyo did the finishing blow. "Hello young man." He said to me. "I take you and Karina home where I erase your memories. Since I do that I explain. You and Karina never really had powers. Me and Miss Dal did. We were the ones from the prophecy. We just needed a host (someone young) to fight for us. But Miss Dal cheated and fought with me. And you can see how that turned out. When I take you home you will forget all of this..." He picked me and Karina up with ease. "Night." He said, pinching me. 

LATER: I woke up. "BRANDEN, NO!" I screamed. Then I realized it was all a dream. "Oh." I said, going back to bed. At school I told Branden my dream. "Weird." He said "I had the exact same one...." "Why Hello! If it isn't nerdy, Karin." Great. It was Brianna. "You were gone from school so much, we all missed  you!" She laughed. 'You and I missed our date with Mr. Garbage! We must do it now!" She snapped and some of her friends came, grabbing me.  "We are taking you home! To the place you truly belong!" They started to laugh and pulled me to a trashcan. "NO!" Branden yelled. Then power. "AGHHHHHH!!!!" The girls yelled. I looked at them. There hair was up as if they were electrocuted. Me and Branden laughed, leaving them.
"They learn fast." Mr.Haiyo said to himself. "It's only a matter of time before they learn it was all a test." He looked at Miss Dal. "Yes," She agreed. "Their friendship is going to end this world, or make it better." They held hands, and slowly dissolved into the air... Like ghosts.

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