These little things contain my love

Geschrieben von Minna

The book I gave you yesterday
contained the words I wanted to say
The pages full of blood and ink
descriptions on my heart's brink
The rotting flowers I sent along
would one day find where they belong
onto my grave onto my stone
above my remaining flesh and bone
the little cards hidden in the pages
my years of life seeming ages
with little drawings showing how
I came to where I am at now
You may have already seen the clock
where the watch hand takes a rhythmic walk
every step is even spaced
another hour on my shoulders placed
The clock has to remind you of
how valuable time is, my love
how little time that there could be
for you and me for you and me
The locket that I gave to you
should show that my love is true
hovering above your heart
well of mine you own the biggest part.
And that‘s not simply telling you,
that when I‘m gone, please don’t be blue,
because the ones we love, they never leave,
in times of happiness, in times of grieve,
this note is tainted by my love,
as are all the things above,
I closed my eyes and fell asleep,
gave you my heart, it’s yours to keep.

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