There is light

Geschrieben von Minna

Don’t jump it is a long way down,
If you won’t crush then you will drown.
Deep down you’ll sink into the black,
and I will never have you back.
Don’t jump, it is the pure despair,
I don’t know what you think is there.
I know there’s sorrow, there is hate,
but I know that our life can be great.
There is love and there is light,
there are stars that are shining bright.
shining like your pretty smile,
but it wasn’t there for a long while.
My arms can hold you tight,
Come back into the light.
Let your tears stream down your face,
I know you can’t replace,
the things you’ve left behind,
but I can try to brighten your mind.
memories that we made together,
light and innocent like a feather,
in your mind the darkness grew,
You weren’t the carefree friend I knew.
Sorrow was written in your head,
Some parts of your hope were almost dead.
But together we can work this out,
You’re not allowed to have a doubt,
believe in yourself and come with me,
No more tears, your heart is free,
I love you with all my heart,
and you own the biggest part.

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Hannah – 19. Mai 2019

Sooo schön!

Kathie – 14. Mai 2019

*wow* ich glaube ich brauche garnichts mehr zu sagen...