Thank you

Geschrieben von Minna

Thank you Mom, for all the things you gave me.
For all the things you taught me and for all the love you shared with me.
I‘m sorry.
I‘m sorry for all the pain and sorrow that you had to carry on your shoulders.
I’m sorry for the pain I caused and the things I said and not meant them.
But you forgave.
You still loved me no matter what.
You are, who I want to be.
Who I still need to learn to be.
Thank you, Mom.
For all the things.
Because little things matter.
And big things too.

Thank you mom, for fighting.
For fighting for life.
Fighting against an enemy nobody defeats.
But you didn’t give up.
You knew the ending, but it didn’t stop you from living your story how you wanted.

Thank you mom, that you tried to make my childhood normal.
Thanks for all those memories.
Thanks for your love.
I love you.

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Lucy – 25. August 2019

OMG, Minna!!! Das ist megaschön! Ich kann das so gut nachvollziehen. Ich liebe meine Mutter auch sehr.