In the stars

Geschrieben von Minna

You hunt for all the stars,
your lover hides amongst them,
but under all your scars,
I can read a poem.
Your lover’s in the moon,
you can see his face,
your lover’ll be here soon,
he’ll come from outer space.
Your lover is on mars,
on Venus and Neptun,
oh, your lover’s in the stars,
and he is in the moon.
Your lover’s in the winds,
brushing through your hair,
you’ll be the one he finds,
he’ll find you anywhere.
Your lover’s in the air,
your lover’s in the light,
oh he’ll always be there,
on every day and night.
Your lover’s in your heart,
your lover’s in your soul,
and since you broke apart,
you can’t feel like you’re whole.
You’re always in the stars,
your mind is far away,
beneath all those scars,
mist turns all to gray.
Your head is in the sky,
your heart, your heart’s far off,
“where does your lover lie?”
“In the stars above.”

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